Why should I study leadership, management and social entrepreneurship at AJU?
American Jewish University is an institution of higher learning accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and offers many courses of study not only those pertaining to Jewish life and learning. It offers a regular undergraduate degree in Business and, in keeping with its mission, one at the graduate level that focuses on the leadership and management of nonprofit organizations.

Are Nonprofit Management and Social Entrepreneurship disciplines in themselves?
Although the challenges of managing any complex corporation are often similar, there are peculiarities in nonprofits and social ventures that distinguish them from for-profit organizations. For one thing, they are governed somewhat differently. They also operate under different sections of the law; they are evaluated according to different criteria and are answerable to directors and stakeholders who are NOT shareholders. We at AJU recognized the need for a program that addressed the needs of the nonprofit leader and social entrepreneur many, many years ago. We are pleased other universities are now agreeing with us!

What sort of careers would be open to me if I completed the program?
There are many interesting jobs open to graduates, all which are serving the needs of the community. Arts organizations, religious institutions and philanthropic foundations are all looking for well-educated and professionally trained top management. So are social service agencies, recreational and fraternal organizations, schools and hospitals, fundraising organizations, and advocacy groups. There are more people looking for staff than specifically trained candidates to fill the vacancies.

I am just out of school. Should I work first before I apply to AJU?
We like candidates to know about nonprofits and to have had some experience working in them. Since so many colleges now offer undergraduates the opportunity to participate in the nonprofit sector, there is no single rule that fits each person. Call and talk to us.

I've been out of school for many years. I don’t know how I’ll do on the GRE. How important is it?
All students need to take the GRE or GMAT. We take our selection process seriously and therefore weigh many factors in addition to these scores in finally deciding who to admit to the program. If you have any specific questions, please contact us.

Is it expensive to be a student at a private college?
We have generous scholarships and financial aid available with a skilled and supportive Financial Aid office available for you to talk to for help and guidance.

Is AJU only for Jewish students?
No. The University is an accredited institution of higher learning and the Graduate School of Nonprofit Management is not designed as a sectarian program. We have a diverse group of students and alumni from across the USA, in religion, ethnicity, race, and national origins. We seek a diverse student body. We all learn from one another that it takes many approaches and perspectives to heal the troubled world.

To whom can I talk, to learn more?
Call us, email us…we’d love to connect with you. Please see below for our contact information.

For MBA Admissions Contact:
Rhoda Weisman, Dean
Graduate School of Nonprofit Management
(310) 440-1279

For General Questions Email: