Scholarships and Finanicial Aid

Eligibility for Financial Aid

To be eligible for financial aid, students must be admitted to a degree program and must provide the following to the AJU Office of Financial Aid:

  • Applicants must also file Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at List the American Jewish University, federal school code number 002741.

  • A completed AJU Financial Aid Application Eligibility for Financial Aid img1

  • A completed 2010-11 Department of Education Verification of Assets Worksheet

  • A photocopy of the student’s signed federal tax return including W-2(s), or a signed Student Non-Tax-Filer Statement

  • If the student is under the age of 24, a photocopy of the student’s parents’ signed federal tax return, including W-2(s) or a signed Parent Non-Tax-Filer Statement 

Online Financial Aid Applications and Forms are available at:  FA Forms 

The priority deadline for applying for financial aid is March 2nd prior to the Fall enrollment date. After that date, aid is awarded on a funds-available basis.

For additional information about federal, state, and University financial aid programs, eligibility determination, and application procedures, please contact us at 310-476-9777 extension 252.

How is “need” determined?

Calculations used to determine need are standardized by federal regulation and AJU policy, as follows:

   Cost of Attendance

Budget for the Academic Year: tuition, fees, room & board, transportation, books, personal expenses

- Expected Family Contribution

Calculated from data provided on FAFSA

   Student’s Financial Need

“Need” = student’s maximum eligibility for aid.

Cost of attendance calculator Eligibility for Financial Aid img2

Want to find out what your financial aid package from American Jewish University might look like? Use the AJU Financial Aid Calculator to get a quick estimate of your financial aid eligibility, as well as an estimate of your federal expected family contribution (EFC) so you can determine your true out-of-pocket costs if you attend.

What constitutes full time study?

For federal and state programs, “Full-Time” study means at least 12 units per semester for undergraduate students, and at least 9 units per semester for graduate students.

Part-time students may be eligible for some aid programs on a pro-rata basis.

To be eligible for Tuition and/or Housing Grants, CAS, MAED, MAED/MAT and ZSRS students must take at least 12 units per semester, while MBA and MAJCS students must take at least 9 units per semester. Students taking fewer than the minimum are not eligible for any grants from the University.

Important Links:

File your FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) on the web! Processing time is considerably shorter than if you file the paper FAFSA, and built-in edits help you complete the form accurately.

Find out if you’re eligible for private scholarships. Many organizations – civic groups, social clubs, religious organizations, labor unions, professional associations, and the like – sponsor scholarships. Dollar amounts, requirements, and deadlines vary widely. It’s worth spending some time at these searchable databases to discover if you qualify to apply. 

A great source of general information about financial aid, plus calculators, links, and other goodies. Check it out.

California residents will want to check out the California Student Aid Commission site for the latest information on CSAC programs. (Residents of other states can locate their state agencies through the site above.)

Need federal tax forms? Click here to download from the IRS website.

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